Oily Skin Healing Using Scalar Waves


Product Overview

A bioresonance healing service to care for your oily skin naturally using scalar wavesA perfect treatment for young people with oily skin.

If you are also having acne/pimples with oily skin then please consider our Acne Healing program.  Acne healing program will take care of your oily skin as well.  Please consider this healing service if you have only oily skin condition and no acne problems.

Our remote bioresonance healing process will care your oily skin naturally without using any cosmetics or chemicals.  We are able to produce Scalar Healing Frequencies embedded with information code to heal oily skin, using a photograph of the person in question.  Please see our article to discover what are scalar waves and how it can benefit the mankind and our planet.

This way of remote therapy is based on bio-resonance principles and proofed by the latest and cutting-edge science on Quantum Physics. Scientifically physical instruments are used to make sure that the Waves work.  Please see how bio-resonance healing works

Know your therapist - Mr. Nimesh Topiwala

  • Registered with All India Council of Alternative Medical Science & Research(AICASMR)
  • Qualified bioresonance practitioner with 7+ years of experience

Remote session?

  • Dermatologic condition of oily skin

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