Oily Skin Healing Using Scalar Waves


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Does your face look shiny? Oily skin can make your face have a greasy appearance. From changes in weather to skincare products, there are many reasons behind oily skin. But with remote bioresonance therapy services that use quantum scalar waves, you can restore balance to put your best face forward with oily skin healing.

What Causes Oily Skin?

Your skin is oily because your sebaceous glands are in overdrive. This can happen in one’s younger years or at any age when the weather gets hot. It can also occur when you use the wrong products to control your skin. Often, skin that appears oily is actually dry because that natural oil, sebum, is produced to keep skin soft and supple. Correcting this imbalance can refresh your skin and keep that shininess away.

Why Do You Need to Treat Oily Skin?

Whatever the reason behind your oily skin, you need to take care of it or it will clog your pores and lead to breakouts. That acne bacteria feeds on excess oil, then creates fatty acids that cause inflammation. When that happens, your pores close up and trap in dead skin particles, white blood cells, dirt, and debris. It continues a vicious cycle of breakouts which can chip away at your confidence. Plus, in addition to giving you a greasy appearance, it can make your skin tan more easily on sunny days. You’ll want to bring back the balance to have healthy, shine-free skin again.

Benefits of Winter Dry Skin Healing

These special oily skin healing services resolve the problem in a natural way. There are no cosmetics or dietary supplements to use. This method balances the sebaceous glands to keep them from overproducing sebum. With bioresonance alternative treatments, your oily skin will disappear without using anything else as your body will naturally recover its natural balance so overproduction of oil will stop and you’ll start your journey back to healthy skin.

Bioresonance is the Natural Cure for Oily Skin

Nicola Tesla gave us the power of scalar waves which pass through the earth without any loss of strength. This is what bioresonance technology uses. With a special machine, these waves are generated at different frequencies to relieve your oily skin and halt excessive sebaceous gland production.

The best natural cure for oily skin is through WAVES2CURE™ bioresonance therapy services. This incredible energy therapy restores your body’s natural capabilities of self-healing. No herbs, supplements, or medicines to give you side effects, no painful treatments to recover from, and no need to go anywhere as you can get this alternative treatment wherever you are.

Remote Sessions for Oily Skin Healing

You can do these sessions from anywhere. Let the scalar waves help you restore your oily skin to a healthy, shine-free condition.  This energy therapy include the following session:

  1. Oily Skin - heal dermatologic condition of oily skin.

How this Remote Therapy Service Works for Healing Oily Skin

Just submit your name, photo, and address which are fed into the machine. The frequencies to heal oily skin will be emitted onto your photo to reach you wherever you are through quantum entanglement.

WAVES2CURE™ perfected this technology after years of research and can send scalar waves to anyone for healing oily skin without the need of satellites or transmission towers.

Know Your Therapist - Mr. Nimesh Topiwala

  • Registered with All India Council of Alternative Medical Science & Research(AICASMR)
  • Qualified bioresonance practitioner with 8+ years of experience

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