Soul Retrieval Healing Using Scalar Waves


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Remote Sessions:
1. ✓soul retrieval 2. ✓soul coordination 3. ✓spirit-body compatibility 4. ✓soul-body balancing 5. ✓mind-body-soul balancing 6. ✓soul-body-planet balancing 7. ✓soul crystals 8. ✓unity with spirit
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Product Overview

Soul Retrieval- A distant healing service to heal a fragmented soul using bio-resonance technology through quantum scalar waves.

Have you been feeling lost lately? When adversities are thrown our way or we encounter tragic events in our lives, our mind, body and soul's energy fields are disrupted causing us to be out of whack and incapable of controlling ourselves. More so, it can lead to unhappiness and misery.

What Is Soul?

Your soul is the spiritual part of your being that is thought to be immortal essence and totality of who you are at a core level – it is your true nature. Because all life is energy at its core, a soul is the whole of this energy.

What Is Soul Fragmentation?

Soul fragmentation, also known as soul loss, occurs when we are forced to face horrible incidents that take a toll on our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health such as sexual abuse, divorce, disaster, surgery, sickness, death of a loved one, and others.

Why Do You Need Soul Retrieval Healing?

People with fragmented souls often feel "being spaced out" or "a part of the self missing" after traumatic events.

If you feel empty more often, then you are suffering from soul fragmentation.

You need to let go of that energy from the past that keeps on weighing you down every now and then. Imagine waking up full of energy, free from emotional pain, and beaming with positivity. With this therapy, it can be that way.

How Do You Heal A Fragmented Soul?

With our remote energy therapy for soul retrieval using quantum scalar waves, we can help you realign your fragmented soul.

We are able to produce Scalar Healing Frequencies embedded with information code to heal your fragmented soul from current lifetime or previous lives. You only need to provide us with your photograph, full name, and address for this service to be fulfilled.

Remote Sessions

This spiritual healing consists 8 meaningful sessions including:

  1. Soul Retrieval - Retrieve all fragmented souls from current life time and from past lives.
  2. Soul Coordination - Integrate all soul fragments.
  3. Spirit Body Compatibility - Restore compatibility of your spirit to reside in your current body.
  4. Soul Body Balancing - Stabilizes the body and soul unit on all levels so the person won't close down, detach and scatter.
  5. Mind Body Soul Balancing - For bringing peace and unification to body, spirit, mind and soul.
  6. Soul Body Planet Balancing - Balances and stabilizes the triangle created by the relationship and interaction between the soul, its physical body, and the planet where body resides.
  7. Soul Crystals - Download soul crystals.
  8. Unity With Spirit - Establish unity with spirit to make you whole again.

Benefits Of Soul Retrieval Healing

Bring back the balance in your life by healing your fragmented soul. This service is also helpful for those with PTSD, generalized anxiety, chronic illnesses, and those who are going through a really tough time.

Know your healer - Mr. Nimesh Topiwala

  • Registered with All India Council of Alternative Medical Science & Research(AICASMR)
  • Qualified bioresonance practitioner with 8+ years of experience

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