Seedling Healing Using Scalar Waves


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Learn how to grow strong and healthy seedlings while reducing seedling mortality rate.

We provide distance quantum agriculture healing services to boost seedling process.

Discover bioresonance remote broadcasting for your nursery or seedlings.  Act now to experience breakthrough New Age scalar waves healing for your agriculture!

We are able to produce Scalar Healing Frequencies embedded with information code to boost healthy seedling, using a photograph of the nursery bed in question. Please see our article to discover what are scalar waves and how it can benefit the mankind and our planet.

This way of healing is based on bio-resonance principles and proofed by the latest and cutting-edge science of Quantum Physics. Please see how bio-resonance healing works.

Remote sessions of radionics broadcasting?

  • Seedlings - Energize young plants, seedlings
  • Planters II - Healing energy of fertilizer called planters II

What is Planters II?

Planters II is a very unique natural geologic deposits found in the Colorado Rocky Mountains near Salida, Colorado.  This organic compound was formed long time back(possibly millions of years ago), when coal was being formed, a mineral-rich fresh water was evaporated leaving behind its minerals. These minerals were subjected to some kind of a geological pressure cooker causing the mineral to enter a transitional state, which happens to be a gray powder that has been granulated.  

What are benefits of planters II?

Discover TOP 5 benefits of planters II

1. Planters II simulates microbes

Planters II contains ranges from 5-9% sulfur in the sulfate form that stimulate microbial activity. Planters II also contains cobalt and molybdenum; 2 very significant microbial stimulators.

2. Planters II increases plant roots

Roots are a very important part of the plant. There is one mineral that influences roots more than any other and that is calcium. There is a direct correlation between available calcium and the proliferation of roots. Low calcium soils have very poor root systems, high calcium soils have roots galore. The goal is to see plants with a profusion of ultra-fine root hairs because roots are microbial feeding stations. The more plants feed the microbes, the more minerals the microbes digest and return back to the plants. This is a virtuous cycle—but it starts with available calcium. And Planters II contains 5-14% calcium.

3. Planters II improves the antenna function of plants

Like all other physical objects, plants have a certain amount of electromagnetism. When this is increased, even by just a little, it improves the ability of the plant to pick up atmospheric energy and minerals. We all know plant roots take nutrients into the plant. But the same thing can also occur in the leaves. Leaves have the ability to take nutrients out of the air and assimilate them into the plant. This only happens when the plant is well supplied with 2 minerals: calcium and silicon. And both of these are supplied by Planters II. It contains 5% silicon.

A visual observation to gauge the antenna function of plants is to assess leaf hairs. These hairs are rich in silicon and indicate a plant with high electromagnetism and antenna function.

4. Planters II contains trace minerals

Planters II contains a full range of trace minerals such as boron, iron, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium, cobalt, copper, zinc, and many more.  Because Planters II is such a unique rock powder these nutrients are quickly used by the plant. Trace minerals are catalysts of enzymatic reactions in plants. Everything a plant does occurs through a process of complex enzymatic pathways.

5. Planters II improves plant health

Nutrients of planters II improves plant health. When plants are healthy, they don’t need pesticides and fungicides. When plants are healthy, they yield more. When plants are healthy, food, feed, and forages have greater quality.

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