Past Life Healing Using Scalar Waves


Remote Sessions:
  1. Release Past
  2. Clear Past
  3. Heal Past
  4. Past Emotional Effects
  5. Past Soul Damage
  6. Essential Oils(past)
  7. Vibrational Remedies
  8. Ancestral Blocks
  9. Familaral & Generational Blocks
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Product Overview

Are you having trouble moving on? With remote bioresonance healing services that use quantum scalar waves, you can heal your past in your current life or previous lives and free yourself from the toxic effects of that heaviness to experience peace right now.

What Happens When Your Past Life Isn’t Healed?

When your past life comes back to haunt you, it drags down your energy. Whether it is something from the past of the current life you’re living or one of your previous lives, you must heal these wounds so that you can move forward into a peaceful, productive, and joyful existence.

Why Do You Need to Heal Your Past Life?

When you heal your past life, you release all that negative energy that is standing in your way. By clearing, releasing, and healing the past, you can let negative influences of the past dissipate and let go of old emotional baggage and blockages. It lets you move forward to enjoy your present life with absolute peace and happiness.

Benefits of Past Life Healing

These special past life healing services take a natural approach to healing the anguish caused from your past life so you can move into the present with joy. You’ll heal your past and previous lives as well as all negative emotions associated with these times in the past. With bioresonance healing, you can release this burden and live life with joy.

Bioresonance is the Best Past Life Healing

Nikola Tesla gave us the power of scalar waves which pass through the earth without any loss of strength. This is what bioresonance technology uses. With a special machine, these waves are generated at different frequencies to heal your past lives and clear negativity to welcome in joy in your present life.

The best healing for past life is through WAVES2CURE™ bioresonance healing services. This incredible energy therapy restores your body’s natural capabilities of self-healing. No herbs, supplements, or medicines to give you side effects, no painful treatments to recover from, and no need to go anywhere as you can get this treatment wherever you are.

Remote Sessions for Past Life Healing

Heal the hurt from your past life and previous lives that you keep dragging around with you so you can be free. These sessions can be done from anywhere, allowing the scalar waves to heal your past completely for newfound peace and positivity in the present.

  1. Release Past - release your past to move into the present with joy.
  2. Clear Past - clear your past with the healing frequencies of flower essences.
  3. Heal Past - heal your past and previous lives.
  4. Past Emotional Effects - heal negative emotional effects of the past.
  5. Past Soul Damage - repairs higher vibrational soul damage that has occurred in the present or past.
  6. Essential Oils - healing energies of essential oils allowing you letting go of the things that keep one locked in the past.
  7. Vibrational Remedies - herbal healing remedies to resolve suppressed negative emotions from the past.
  8. Ancestral Blocks - release ancestral blocks.
  9. Familaral & Generational Blocks - release blocks created by your family and past generations

Add-On EXTRA Sessions

Depending on your needs, you can benefit from additional sessions:

  • Healing Blocks - clear healing blocks from your emotional, spiritual, and physical plane.
  • Ho'oponopono Healing - heal your past with healing energies of Ho'oponopono.
  • Process Cellular Memory - process cellular memory of the past incidents.

How this Remote Therapy Service Works for Healing Your Past Life

Just submit your name, photo, and address which are fed into the machine. The frequencies will be emitted onto your photo to reach you wherever you are through quantum entanglement.

WAVES2CURE™ perfected this technology after years of research and can send scalar waves to anyone for healing purposes without the need of satellites or transmission towers.

Know your healer - Mr. Nimesh Topiwala

  • Registered with All India Council of Alternative Medical Science & Research(AICASMR)
  • Qualified bioresonance practitioner with 8+ years of experience

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