Legislative Assembly House Blessing & Clearing Using Scalar Waves


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Product Overview

We provide remote energy healing to perform blessing and clearing of negative energy from the legislative assembly house using advanced technology of scalar waves.

Our remote bio-resonance healing process will remove negative energy from the legislative assembly house of a city/town, a state, or a country(senate/parliament).  We are able to produce Scalar Healing Frequencies embedded with information code to remove negative energy from the building of legislative assembly house using address and photograph of it.  We also infuse legislative assembly house with highest vibrations to improve co-operation in the house for the benefit of the people.  Please see our article to discover what are scalar waves and how it can benefit the mankind and our planet.

Years of accumulated negative energy create hurdles in peaceful functioning and co-operation among members of the assembly house.  You may have best interest at your heart for your city, state, or country.  Now, it is easier for anyone to order our specially designed Legislative Assembly House Cleansing & Blessing program for the greater benefit of the humanity.

This way of healing is based on bio-resonance principles and proofed by the latest and cutting-edge science on Quantum Physics. Scientifically physical instruments are used to make sure that the Waves work.  Please see how bio-resonance healing works.

Remote Sessions

  1. Clearing Negative Energy - Clearing negative energy using total 30+ frequencies.
  2. Divine Blessing - Blessing house using White Light and Love.
  3. Harmony - Infuse harmonious energy that allows everyone to flow.
  4. Peace - Healing energy for peace within the house.
  5. Co-operation - Healing energy for co-operation, discipline, and courage to change what can be changed with wisdom.

Why choose WAVES2CURE™?

  • Our healer having 8+ years of experience in Bio-resonance Healing
  • Professional Service
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order now to cleanse Legislative Assembly House of your city, state, or country.