Divine Protection Healing Using Scalar Waves


Remote Sessions:
  1. divine protection
  2. safety & security
  3. divine blessings
  4. God's plan for individual security
  5. flower essences
  6. protective energy bubble
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Product Overview

What if you could strenghten your spiritual life by bringing in more divine protection? Scalar healing frequencies are a natural, safe, and effective way of harnessing divine powers. This divine protection can add safety and security through divine blessings and by activating God’s plan for your security.

Transform your life with the help of Nimesh Topiwala, your qualified bio-resonance practitioner with 7+ years of experience and registered with the All India Council of Alternative Medical Science & Research(AICASMR). His healing services will help you form that protective energy bubble to enhance your life.

These scalar healing frequencies are embedded with information code which serves to activate your divine protection and safety while keeping you secure from negative energy and unseen evils. Based on bio-resonance principles proved by quantum physics, the waves are checked with scientifically-accurate instruments to ensure their effectiveness.

Engage these services even from afar with a spiritual healing session that will serve to protect you from negativity to help you shine brighter in your world. All you need to supply is name, address, and a photograph of yourself or someone who needs this spiritual healing through scalar frequencies. Get the divine protection you need while feel safe and secure as God’s plan for your own success is activated. Your energy bubble and positive energy will be protected with these divine blessings, allowing you to achieve your best possible sense of self.

This spiritual healing includes 6 meaningful sessions including:

  1. Divine Protection - Add divine protection to your energitc bodies
  2. Safety & Security - Enhancing divine protection with added safety and security.
  3. Divine Blessings - Protecting you with blessings of the God.
  4. God's Plan(security) - Activate God's plan for individual security
  5. Flower Essences(protection) - Healing frequencies of slected flower essences known for spiritual protection.
  6. Protective Energy Bubble - Installing a protection energy buuble with positive vibrations.

Don’t wait any longer to receive these divine blessings get the protection you need backed by science to ensure you have a positive flow of energy to bring your dreams to life. Book your remote healing sessions today for adding divine protection to your spirituality.