Air Pollution Elimination Using Scalar Waves


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Product Overview

Reduce and eliminate air pollution with scalar waves!  Now reducing air pollution(and ultimately eliminating)  for any city in the world is possible without installing any equipment or machinery to the location. 

We provide a proven and effective air pollution remedy using our distance energy healing services. We are able to improve air quality index and reduce the effect of the effects of air pollution using our advanced technology and energy healing programs.

Our bioresonance expert Nimesh Topiwala has filed a historical patent, "System and Method for Reducing and Eliminating Air Pollution from a Geographical Area"  with Intellectual Property India. He has successfully turned one of the Indian's Most Polluted Area to one of the Least Polluted Areas of India within 15 days, reducing AQI of 232 to AQI of 41. 

This achievement has been highlighted in the media on July 31st, 2019(please see news article, Scientist develops, patents revolutionary new technology to eliminate air pollution )

This patent is unique and historical in the world considering the following facts:

  • First patent to reduce & nullify SMOG
  • First patent to reduce & nullify existing air pollution
  • First patent to reduce greenhouse gases from the atmosphere
  • First patent to reduce & nullify PM 2.5 and PM10
  • First patent to reduce & nullify air pollution from multiple layers of the atmosphere using scalar waves
  • First patent to reduce & nullify air pollution remotely & using satellite images
  • First patent to reduce & nullify smoke accumulated in the atmosphere due to forest fires

Check out our published research paper: "Result of Air Pollution and Smog Reduction using Scalar Waves: A Case Study of Asian Mega Cities " , International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJASEAT) , pp. 55-59, Volume-8,Issue-3

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