Cut Etheric Cords of Attachment Using Scalar Waves

Remote Sessions:
  1. cut etheric cords
  2. release energy
  3. toxic emotions
  4. repair cords
  5. forceful cord cutter
  6. outer protection bubble
  7. love & white light
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Product Overview

Cut your etheric cords remotely using our powerful bioresonance sessions ranging from 3 to 9 days depending on your needs. These proven remote healing sessions cleanse you of emotional toxins and leave you feeling energized.

What are etheric cords?

Throughout your life, you form cords of energy between yourself and other people, even those you’ve never met but are familiar with. These cords of attachment are your etheric cords and those with negative attachments serve to drain your energy, leaving you feeling tired and unable to focus.

How does bioresonance work?

At WAVES2CURE™, we use non-invasive bioresonance technology to cut your etheric cords. Unlike similar bioresonance healing solutions, we have utilized quantum physics to provide this healing service in a remote capacity. We also focus on removing your etheric cords by the roots, not simply cutting them. This ensures the cords are unable to re-establish themselves in the near future.

Remote Sessions

Our highly effective remote service provides you with seven healing sessions in each repetition. You only need to provide us with your photograph, full name, and address for this service to be fulfilled. The powerful frequencies clease you of emotional toxins and cut your cords from the roots embedded within your chakras or auric bodies. This ensures anything not beneficial for your higher good is released and prevents your life-force energy from being drained. Your positive etheric cords are repaired and an outer bubble of protection is spun to cut unwanted attachments or cords. Love and white light will fill up your subtle energy field.

This etheric cord cutting includes 7 meaningful sessions including:

  1. Toxic emotions - Cleansing of all your emotional baggage.
  2. Cut etheric cords - Cutting either all etheric cords or cut only negative etheric cords based on your choice.  All etheric cords will be cut from the root embedded within your auric bodies or chakras. 
  3. Release energy - Letting go of negative frequencies that do not help you in overalls.
  4. Repair cords - Repairing positive etheric cords which are in your best interest
  5. Forceful cord cutter - Cauterizing with force all the negative etheric cords that are draining the life out of you.  
  6. Outer protection bubble - Install a fast spinning outer bubble of protection that can cut any unwanted cords or attachment.
  7. Love &  White Light - Fill your energy field up with love and positivity.


You can benefit from one repetition with a 3-day broadcast, two repetitions within 10 days with a 6-day broadcast, or three repetitions within 15 days with a 9-day broadcast. You can also choose appropriate add-on extra sessions to customize your healing.


You can customize your healing experience with EXCLUSIVE add-on extra sessions.

  • Connect To the Source - activate your connection with the Source, the God.
  • Cords to the Sun for Masculine Energy - activate your cords with the Sun.
  • Cords to the Earth for Feminine Energy - activate your cords with the Earth

Know your healer - Mr. Nimesh Topiwala

  • Registered with All India Council of Alternative Medical Science & Research(AICASMR)
  • Qualified bioresonance practitioner with 7+ years of experience

Why choose us?

We use a breakthrough technology in quantum physics to heal remotely. Our affordable, effective, and non-clinical service can help you reach your highest potential, ensuring you successfully transform your life.